Lock bumping is real. Protect yourself.
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Your home or business is likely
vulnerable to lock bumping
break-ins. Retrofit your locks
with DC1 and stop the thieves
in their tracks.

DC1: The high-security,
restricted key system

  • Patented bump-resistant feature
  • Pick-resistant key broach
  • Design registered keyway
  • Multi-level, multi-broach system

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Lock bumping is a disturbingly common lock vulnerability.

It’s a simple break-and-enter technique. It’s quiet,
fast and almost unnoticeable. And it’s on the rise.

Tutorials on how to do lock bumping are readily
available on the internet.

Worst of all, many standard locks — especially newer ones — are especially vulnerable to this technique.

Fortunately, there’s a simple
way to fight back.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics recorded 216,886 Unlawful Entry with Intent offences in 2010 alone.

Introducing the high-security, bump-resistant DC1 lock

DC1 is a patented, high-security suite of lock cylinders proven in the lab to be highly resistant to lock bumping.

Designed in collaboration with the Master Locksmiths Association (MLA), it replaces your existing lock (or locks) to protect yourself and your assets against this type of attack.

Now this easy retrofit cylinder designed by Australia’s master locksmiths will securely protect yourself and your assets.

Four reasons the DC1 lock is
the smart choice for your security



A unique, patented bump-resistant system plus a pick-resistant key broach keeps wannabe-thieves at bay.


Unmatched flexibility

DC1 offers cylinder housings to suit all major commercial and residential lock types, from mortice locks to leversets and deadlatches.


Restricted system

The key design is protected by Australian and New Zealand law: only the designated master locksmiths may reproduce it, and only authorised users may request copies. You can even designate that multiple signatories are needed for new keys.


Superior Quality

DC1 components are designed in Australia to the highest standards and manufactured by lock-manufacturing experts with many years of experience.

Institute a multi-level masterkey system

DC1 is also scalable for large organisations that operate multiple offices or factories.

Locks can be keyed to support multi-level access and restrict the access of certain staff members and contractors to just one section of your assets. 

Lock-bumping break-ins: simple, effective and popular

Lock bumping is a simple technique for bypassing the security of pin-tumbler locks — the locks most commonly used for residential and business doors.

Bumping simply involves inserting a customised key into the lock, then tapping the key in the right way at the right moment to cause the lock to open.

Unlike brute force (such as a crowbar), it makes very little noise, and leaves no signs that a break-in even occurred.

What’s more these keys are easy to produce.

Bumping has become so popular that one company sells a lock bumping tool, and many websites openly sell bump keys for a variety of locks (they even bundle them together).

Insurance may not cover your loss

You might think that your insurance will cover any loss.

Problem is that bumping is such a ‘clean’ way to steal that very little sign of intrusion may be is left behind. Since it’s then just your word, your insurer may not pay out.